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This weekend we¬†checked out Game of Emperors, a free to play browser based strategy where players run their own city… More »


GENRE: F2P Castle Building Strategy MMO PLATFORM: Internet Browsers DEVELOPER: Imperia Online OVERVIEW Free to play and accessible via Internet browser, Game of Emperors is an MMO where players step… More »

F2P News 13/01/2017 | 10:57

  Starting today, January 13, at 18:00 CET, Heroes of the Storm will host a special free heroes weekend. During this weekend, until January 16 at 18:00 CET, all 60 heroes will be available for free, including the most recent… More »


GENRE: Hack and Slash PLATFORM: PS4 DEVELOPER: Grasshopper Manufacture OVERVIEW Let It Die is a free to play third person action RPG where players try to battle their way through… More »

F2P News 12/01/2017 | 12:11

  Conquer Online releases today a new expansion, “Might of the Shadow Fan”, which introduces a brand-new class: the Windwalker, new control skills, new zones and a a new UI design. The windwalker class brings innovative mechanics to the game,… More »

F2P News 12/01/2017 | 10:53

  The North American version of TERA has released its first content update of 2017. Dubbed “Broken Prison”, it introduces a new max-level 5-player dungeon, some bug fixes and a few gameplay adjustments, such as balance tuning for the 30-player… More »

F2P News 12/01/2017 | 9:58

  Star Trek Online will release Season 12, “Reckoning”, on January 26, right on time to celebrate the 7th anniversary. This new new content update will introduce two new space queues, a new episode, new reputation, a new crafting school… More »

F2P News 11/01/2017 | 15:09

  DC Universe Online is celebrating its 6th anniversary with a new update, introducing litmited-time content that will take players to a new version of Metropolis, where they’ll have to face a Qwardian invasion from the Antimatter Universe threatens the… More »

F2P News 11/01/2017 | 10:51

  Wargaming has published a new video detailing the plans for World of Warships in 2017. Watch it below. The free to play game plans to introduce more than fifty new ships, a new nation, new branches for the British… More »

F2P News 10/01/2017 | 16:31

  Sphere 3: Enchanted World has received a new content update, introducing new high level areas, new world bosses, new quests, a new castle and new gear, weapons and armors. Players will be able to raise their character level up… More »

Cinematics, F2P News, Videos 10/01/2017 | 14:17

  Revelation Online‘s next testing phase will take place from January 19 to February 2. Players will get to check out the game up to level 69. To celebrate it, My.Com has published a new CGI trailer introducing the Spirit… More »

F2P News 05/01/2017 | 12:06

  Elsword receives today a new content update introducing two new dungeons: Fortress of Solace and Memories of the Halted Sun. This update marks the final chapter to the Elysion storyline, a story that started five years ago. Watch the… More »