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F2P News 01/02/2017 | 11:23

  The North American version of TERA has released a new content update, The Sword and Hoard, introducing a revamp of the warrior class, a new equipment item slot and a system for enhancing accessories. Those who want to test… More »

F2P News 01/02/2017 | 9:54

  Perfect World and Cryptic Studios have announced the next expansion for the free to play MMORPG Neverwinter: The Cloaked Ascendancy. This expansion will be released for PC on February 21, and it will introduce a new campaign, a new… More »

F2P News 31/01/2017 | 14:07

  With more than 250k players after one month of Open Beta, IDC/Games’ free to play shooter, Zula, takes the next step announcing a partnership with ESL. Starting on February 4 with a non-ranked cup, the game will be part… More »

Articles, F2P News 31/01/2017 | 12:31

  We’re taking a look at Drakensang Online in our next “What Do We Love About…?” article. Drakensang is a free to play RPG from Bigpoint where players delve into a grim fantasy realm of monsters and evil, battling through… More »

31/01/2017 | 12:27

Our selection of the best free to play MMORPG. A Top 10 with the best free massively multiplayer online role-playing games, titles that usually share several features: a persistent world, social interaction and character progression.

Articles, F2P News 30/01/2017 | 12:09

Games: the final frontier. These are the articles of the starship Its continuing mission: to explore strange new MMOs, to seek out new story-arcs and new features, to boldly go where no man has gone before.¬†Star Trek Online embodies… More »

Articles, F2P News 30/01/2017 | 10:47

Next up for the F2PMeter is Star Stable, a 3D MMORPG where players find themselves on the island of Jorvik at a horse summer camp and will begin some exciting adventures as they cruise across the landscape completing quests, advancing… More »

F2P News, First Looks, Videos 27/01/2017 | 15:42

  We check out the PC version of Plarium’s newest strategy MMO, Vikings: War of Clans, a free to play city building title with the classic Plarium gameplay mechanics and features. Players must build up a city, gather resources, assemble… More »

27/01/2017 | 15:38

Our selection of the best free to play games for web browsers. A Top 10 with the best, most interesting, fun and engaging browser-based titles. From city building and management games to real-time action strategy games.

F2P News 27/01/2017 | 11:29

InnoGames released today the February episode of the InnoGames TV. introducing a new guest race coming to Elvenar: The Sorcerers and Dragons. Game Designer Timon and Artist Rike give us a first look at this new race. Watch the video… More »

F2P News 27/01/2017 | 10:32

  Reckoning, Star Trek Online‘s Season 12, is live on PC. This update arrives just in time to celebrate the game’s 7th anniversary, and it introduces a new episode, new reputation, two space queues, a new crafting school and new… More »

F2P News 26/01/2017 | 15:30

Por: David Puig Free to play browser-based game Hero Zero gets today a new content update introducing a brand-new feature: the Hero Hidehout. Additionally, the mobile version has been relaunched with new settings, revamped graphics and improved controls. The app… More »