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F2P News 16/02/2017 | 10:26

Free to play sci-fi meets fantasy MMORPG Skyforge will launch on PlayStation 4 this spring. and Allods Team have announced it along with the release of a new trailer, which you can watch below. The console version of Skyforge… More »

F2P News 15/02/2017 | 14:15

  Grinding Gear has unveiled the next expansion for Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath. This massive content update will introduce a new end-game structure with the addition of 6 new acts. It will also bring a new Pantheon… More »

F2P News 15/02/2017 | 13:49

  MOBA RTS Dropzone is now available on Steam as part of the Early Access program. The game is available in ten languages (including English, German and French) and runs on most modern PCs. Watch the launch trailer below. In… More »

F2P News 15/02/2017 | 13:24

  Dragon Nest NA (North America and Oceania) will receive tomorrow, February 16th, a new content update bringing back the Rumble mode and introducing a brand-new raid, level 93 accessory crafting, new costume sets and new items. The new raid… More »

F2P News 15/02/2017 | 11:41

  The Agents of Yesterday expansion is now available on the console version of Star Trek Online. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players can now enjoy the third official expansion of this free to play MMORPG set in the Star… More »

Articles, F2P News 15/02/2017 | 11:18

  Star Stable is a vast online multi-player adventure game designed to encourage girls to work together to solve problems and complete challenges as well as explore a large-scale, complex fantasy world from horseback. With more than 7.5 million registered… More »

F2P News 14/02/2017 | 15:33

Tomorrow, February 15, Elvenar will receive a new content update introducing the brand-new guest race: Sorcerers and Dragons. If you missed the video in which Game Designer Timon and Artist Rike gives a first look at this race, you can… More »

F2P News 14/02/2017 | 14:06 and NetEase have just announced that Revelation Online will enter Open Beta on March 6 worldwide. All players will be able to enter the world of this new free to play fantasy MMORPG on that date, but founders… More »


GENRE: Shooter/Strategy MMO PLATFORM: PC DEVELOPER: Clapfoot OVERVIEW Foxhole is a massively multiplayer online strategy game set in a WW1/WW2 themed alternate world where two major factions battle it out in… More »

F2P News, Giveaways 10/02/2017 | 14:53

  Dropzone is launching on Steam on February 15 as a part of the Early Access program, and we want to celebrate it raffling 9 Squad Edition bundles. This edition, worth $19.99/ 19.99€, includes all 12 pilots released to date,… More »

F2P News 10/02/2017 | 12:32

  The console version of World of Tanks is celebrating its anniversary with the new Czechoslovakia tank line and a month of festivities. By logging in between today and February 28 and playing a battle, all PlayStation 4, Xbox One… More »


GENRE: Free to play MOBA PLATFORM: Windows DEVELOPER: Nexon OVERVIEW Hyper Universe is a MOBA MMO with the added twist of being a 2D platformer in style, providing beat-em-up quality… More »