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F2P News 24/03/2017 | 14:54

  Cloud Pirates has received a new content update, “Death or Glory”, introducing a new arena, a ladder ranking system and special daily rewards for the first victory of the day with each ship. Additionally, a new video highlighting the… More »

F2P News 24/03/2017 | 14:04

  Warframe celebrates its fourth anniversary with the release of a new content update, “Octavia’s Anthem”. This update introduces a new character, new weapons, a new quest, a music instrument tool and a new feature to capture images and create… More »

F2P News, Interviews 24/03/2017 | 12:29

Twin Saga is a free to play anime MMORPG published by Aeria Games where players adventure across a fantasy realm doing battle with the forces of evil, completing quests and engaging in action packed cinematic combat unleashing dozens of skill… More »

F2P News 23/03/2017 | 15:07

  The Elder Scrolls: Legends launches today on iPad. The free to play card game is now globally available through the App Store. All iPad owners can download it starting now. This version requires iOS 10 or higher, and it’s… More »

F2P News 23/03/2017 | 14:19

  Skyforge will officially launch on PlayStation 4 on April 11, and it will be available for those who purchase an Early Access pack starting on March 28, when the North American and European severs enter Early Access. Watch the… More »

F2P News 23/03/2017 | 11:52

  Riders of Icarus received a new content update, “Corruption of Light”, introducing two new zones, a new level cap (55), new world bosses, new creatures, new mounts, three legendary dungeons and new gear. Watch the two trailers below if… More »

F2P News, First Looks, Videos 23/03/2017 | 11:15

  Dawnbreaker Online is a fantasy RPG where players build up a team of heroes facing off against all manner of heroes, villains and deities from various real world mythologies including the Greek Pantheon, Nordic gods and more. Recruit and… More »

F2P News 22/03/2017 | 16:53

  Star Trek Online‘s season 12, “Reckoning”, will launch on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on April 18. This content update introduces a new episode, a new crafting school, a new reputation, two new space queues and a space battlezone…. More »

Articles, F2P News 22/03/2017 | 12:03

Atlas Reactor is a fast “simultaneous-turn based strategy” where players battle each other in team based battles, with a cast of unique and colourful characters this futuristic themed game has some truly unique elements with some exciting tactics where players… More »

F2P News 21/03/2017 | 15:11

  Blade & Soul will release a new expansion on April 12. Dubbed ‘Secrets of the Stratus’, this massive update will introduce a totally new skill system with a simplified interface, a new solo training instance to practice combos, Act… More »

F2P News 21/03/2017 | 14:42

  NCSoft’s free to play MOBA, Master X Master (MXM), is getting ready for its launch. The game will go into Closed Beta from April 6 to April 27. Additionally, NCSoft has published a new cinematic trailer and unveiled a… More »

F2P News 21/03/2017 | 11:18

Heroes & Generals has just received a new content update introducing “medics”. Players can now equip first aid kits and medic pouches to treat wounded teammates or heal theirselves during battle. If they wish to, by equipping multiple healing packs… More »