Hazard Ops Enters Closed Beta in May

Hazard Ops - news

Hazard Ops, the recently announced multiplayer online TPS from Infernum  (and known as Zombies Monsters Robots in North America) is going to enter its Closed Beta in May. Take a look at the new screenshots and and trailer which have  just been released.

There will also be a raffle among all the closed beta application which will reward 10 lucky players with Early Access packs.

038_hazardops_zombiemarch 037_hazardops_zombiestampede 035_hazardops_chinesezombievillage 033_hazardops_gatlingtwins 031_hazardops_zombiemummies 030_hazardops_towerdefense 029_hazardops_helicopter027_hazardops_zombiedude

Source of informations: Infernum press release