C9 launches the first part of the 6th continent

C9 - news

The first half of the 6th continent arrives on Continent of the Ninth Seal (C9) with the latest content update, which adds to the game new items, a new level cap of 67, new dungeons and a revamped skill system.

The skill book system has been totally revamped, and now is noticeably easier to obtain skill books from the 4 ~ 6th continents' dungeons. Moreover, the skill books can now be combined and improved through the use of a Cosmos Stone or the Artisan Crystal.

The new available dungeon are 5:  Hidden Valley of Wind, Fragment of Kodes, Dying Forest of Eternity, Syutereunen Logging Camp, and Abyssal Underways.


Source of information: Webzen pres release