Armored Warfare Unveils Tier 10 Vehicles

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Update 0.15 will bring the first Tier 10 vehicles for Armored Warfare. Obsidian Entertainment and have just announced it along with some details about the upcoming content update and a teaser video.

Six will be the first Tier 10 vehicles, cutting edge prototypes and concepts that could appear in service in the upcoming decade. The main battle tank T-14 Armata, the light tank PL-01, the main battle tank Leopard 2A7-140, the armored fighting vehicle SPHINX, the main battle tank XM1A3 and the main battle tank Challenger 2B. These vehicles will be unlockable through a token system (similar to the one used for Tier 9 vehicles).

The update will also introduce two new co-operative PvE missions: Operation Prometheus and Operation Meltdown; a visual upgrade to the garage UI that will allow players to filter which vehicles are shown; and changes to the APS and Anti-tank guided missile.

Watch the teaser now: