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NEWS: WildStar Goes Down The Free-to-Play Road

28/05/2015 - 1 Commment

  Carbine Studios and NCSoft have just announced that WildStar will become free to play starting this autumn. The game will feature an optional membership for a monthly fee that will provide a few bonuses to experience, crafting, reputation and… More »

NEWS: Wildstar, Exclusive Closed Beta Keys Giveaway

16/04/2014 - 0 Commments

Today is teaming up with NCSoft to offer you this exclusive closed beta keys giveaway for WildStar! NOTE: This Giveaway is valid for European players only! This closed beta weekend will run from Friday, April 18 at 10:00AM EST… More »

NEWS: Another Look at WildStar

17/02/2014 - 0 Commments

  We took another look at Wildstar, a few level under our belt, a new zone unlocked, we give you a recap of what we discovered in the game and demonstrate some of the cool features available when you can… More »

NEWS: WildStar, First Look Gameplay Video with Commentary

14/02/2014 - 2 Commments

  So Wildstar is in closed beta and we got a chance to check the game out for ourselves and do a first look video. Having previously seen the game in action T GamesCom as well as having a hands-on… More »

NEWS: Deep Look at WildStar’s Character Customization

13/02/2014 - 0 Commments

  Players get the chance to play with character customization in Wildstar, with eight unique looking races there is lots of art work that each individual race and plenty of options to keep people preoccupied whilst designing their ideal character…. More »

NEWS: Wildstar Unveils Its Customization Options

29/01/2014 - 1 Commment

  In the latest Dev update, Carbine & NCSoft show us the immense amount of possibilities to customizate in WildStar, from mount customization to battle fortress customization. Check out the video & the screenshots!   Source of information: NCSoft press… More »

NEWS: WildStar Shows Off the Medic and the Engineer

04/12/2013 - 0 Commments

  NCsoft and Carbine Studios have just unveiled two new classes – Medic & Engineer – for their upcoming MMORPG, WildStar, through a new video highlighting the six known classes the game will have at launch.   Source of information:… More »

NEWS: Wildstar, Warrior Class Guide DevSpeak Video

07/11/2013 - 0 Commments

  Pure violence and brutality. NCSoft and Carbine Studios show the Warrior class in the latest WildStar DevSpeak video.

NEWS: WildStar, new devspeak video about ability mechanics

27/09/2013 - 0 Commments

NCSOFT and Carbine Studios have announced the latest episode of DevSpeak, where they tell you how you, the player, control what your character can do. You will learn more about how WildStar deals with the traditional Instant Cast time and… More »

NEWS: Gamescom 2013 – WildStar exclusive interview with Jeremy Gaffney

02/09/2013 - 0 Commments

  We had the chance to meet with Carbine Studios Exec Produce Jeremy Gaffney, who is currently overseeing the development of the up and coming sci-fi MMORPG Wildstar. In our interview he talks over the new additions to the game,… More »