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F2P News 27/05/2016 | 11:29

MapleStory has received a major content update, v.117, introducing a brand-new character with its own quest line, a new combat analysis system and a revamped Zakum. The name is Kinesis, and he uses telekinetic powers. Once he was a normal… More »

F2P News 27/05/2016 | 10:39

  Heroes & Generals gets today a new content udpate, introducing the new Squad system, the T-20 Komsomolets vehicle for the Soviet faction, new camouflage uniforms, the Panzerwurfmine anti-tank grenade for the German faction and some impact effect optimizations. Watch… More »


  We recently took a look at the Closed Beta of Dreadnought from Yager Development, a futuristic team based space… More »

Cinematics, F2P News, Videos 27/05/2016 | 8:20

  Aeria Games has just released a new video in which we get to learn more about the lore behind the upcoming free to play anime MMORPG Twin Saga. The video details the long history of the game’s world and… More »

F2P News 26/05/2016 | 13:07

  Jagex’s free to play online card game, Chronicle: RuneScape Legends, has launched today on Steam. It arrives to the PC platform with new ranked sessions (the first one will be live until June 31), suport for seven different languages,… More »

26/05/2016 | 11:10

Our selection of the best free to play games for web browsers. A Top 10 with the best, most interesting, fun and engaging browser-based titles. From city building and management games to real-time action strategy games.

F2P News 26/05/2016 | 9:11

A new character will arrive in Elsword on June 1. KOG Games has just announced it along with a teaser trailer in which we can see her in action. Watch it below. Her name is Anna Testarossa, a.k.a. Rose, and… More »


We got the chance to take a deeper look at the new MMORPG from Nexon America, Riders of Icarus, for… More »

F2P News 25/05/2016 | 12:44

  World of Tanks has received a new content update that introduces changes to the user interface, engine optimization, and further physics and sound improvements. All these changes have been implemented off feedback from the community. The client has been… More »

F2P News 25/05/2016 | 10:17

  The latest update for the European version of TERA introduces the new ninja class, along with flying mounts, new end-game dungeons and an overhaul of the Priest and Mystic classes. All those who log in by May 31, 2016,… More »

F2P News 25/05/2016 | 9:08

  Free to play Winter sports game SNOW has received a new content update introducing snowboards and snowmobiles. These two new elements has been requested by the community for a long time and finally made their way into the game…. More »

F2P News 24/05/2016 | 12:22

  Forge of Empires gets today a new content update introducing a brand-new era: the Arctic Future. Players will be able to unlock new and unique technologies, 3 new units and 14 new buildings. This new era is split into… More »