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Giveaways 25/07/2016 | 11:17

  Today we are giving away alpha keys for Das Tal, a free-to-play online game that brings together MOBA tactics and Sandbox MMO strategy. To get yours simply follow the instructions below. Step 1. Never miss a giveaway by following… More »

25/07/2016 | 8:01

Our selection of the best free to play MMOFPS. A Top 10 with the best massively multiplayer online first-person shooter games, titles that usually emphasize on player’s skill but also feature RPG elements.

F2P News 22/07/2016 | 10:52

Gameforge and Sparkypants Studios are providing selected players with early access to Dropzone through its Closed Beta Test. In this ground-breaking RTS experience, players outfit their squad of three Rigs with specialized gear to face each other in adrenalin-fueled 1v1… More »

22/07/2016 | 9:30

Our selection of the best free to play action shooters. A Top 10 with the best third person multiplayer online shooters, from arena shooters to vehicle shooters, tactical shooters and others, realistic or not. The list excludes FPS (First person shooters).

F2P News 21/07/2016 | 13:35

  Warface joins forces with the ESL to launch Go4Warface, an online tournament series with an initial prize pool of over €10,000. Teams will be able to compete in weekly tournaments with €100 prize and a chance to earn a… More »

F2P News 21/07/2016 | 12:43

  Tanki X gets ready for Open Beta. Russian developer AlternativaPlatform has announced that the upcoming free to play tank action MMO scheduled to be released in late 2016 will enter Open Beta this summer. “We have invested a lot… More »

F2P News 21/07/2016 | 11:12

  Elvenar releases today a new guest race, but this one is a special one, since it’s introducing two creature types simultaneously: Orcs and Goblins. Watch the video below in which Graphic Artist Rike and Game Designer Timon explain these… More »

F2P News 21/07/2016 | 9:44

  Storm King’s Thunder, the tenth expansion for Neverwinter, will launch on August 16 on PC (on PS4 and Xbox One at a later date). The expansion will introduce a new story-based adventure from Wizards of the Coast, a new… More »

F2P News 21/07/2016 | 9:07

  DC Universe Online celebrates Wonder Woman’s 75th anniversary with Summer of Wonder, an update that allows players to enjoy for one month (until August 21) all episodes released so far regardless of membership or purchase status. Additionally, all those… More »

F2P News 21/07/2016 | 8:36

  Riders of Icarus will receive its first major content update next week, introducing a new level cap (35), new mounts, a new region and two new dungeons. Only some weeks after the Open Beta launch, the free to play… More »

F2P News 20/07/2016 | 15:23

  HeroWarz has been officially released today, and the official launch brings an all-new character: Jerry. Watch the trailer below if you want to meet this legendary slugger. By the way, we recently published a review and a first look… More »

F2P News 20/07/2016 | 10:21

  Flyff (Fly For Fun) will release ‘Turning Point Part 1‘, a new expansion, in Europe and America on August 16th. Additionally, Webzen has announced that the long-awaited merges for both the German and American servers will take place after… More »